Make your $500 watch feel like $1,000 comfort

Made with the softest nylonite, our bands are sooo comfortable you'll forget you even had it on.

15,000+ happy customers

2,500+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews
  • Breathable design

    Feel the air flow all day long. Say goodbye to sweaty wrists.

  • Easy slip-on/off

    Single-loop design makes it easy to wear. No more buckles.

  • Flexible

    Go about your day without feeling even a tiny bit restricted.

  • Easy to clean

    Hand wash or machine-wash, our bands dry very quickly.

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Add any 2 bands to cart for the price of one. No code needed.

If you don't absolutely love your Koola Band, send it back within 30 days and get a refund. No questions asked!

Air Weave ™

The kind of bands you would never want to take off. Thin, lightweight and smooth as silk.


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Geometric Prints

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Fun Prints

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Perfect for the night out. Make your watch fit in the most luxurious of settings. A must-have dress band.


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LIMITED TIME: 20% off with any band

iPhone Cases

Let's get matchy-matchy. Ultra slim with amazing drop protection.


Need a nightstand for your Apple Watch, or AirPods cases?

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Why are the bands $35?!

Our bands are made with the softest fabric in the highest quality you can imagine.

We are aware there are Amazon dupes that are selling for way less. But you're missing out on the quality, durability, and our amazing return policy & customer service.

We're confident the experience of wearing our bands is worth well beyond their price tag. A perfect fit for your $500 watch!

I have a small wrist

We hear you, and that is why we've recently introduced XS bands. This size is limited to certain Air Weave bands.

We are currently one of the only brands that are tiny-wrist-friendly!

Are these washable?

Better, they are machine-washable!

Whether you hand-wash or machine-wash these, they dry very quickly. In a rush? Patting it with a towel will make it dry even quicker.

Note: Do not bleach

Are they water/sweat-resistant?

Our bands are one of the most moisture- and sweat-wicking ones on the market. Perfect for someone who washes their hands or engages in sweaty activities very often.

Many customers that once had issues with rash are no longer facing this issue with our bands.

They're machine-washable and quick-drying too, so keeping them clean is never a chore

Can I charge my watch with these bands on?

Absolutely. Simply flip your watch inside out (so that the screen is facing inside) and plop it on the charger.

Or if you want extreme convenience, we have a nightstand that works perfectly with our single-piece bands. You can find it here.

Will these stretch out?

Our bands are built to last for a long time.

Due to the elastic nature of our bands, stretching is inevitable. But there's a fix.

Simply 1. Soak the band in hot water, 2. Toss it into the dryer on medium heat, and 3. Let it air dry. This will bring it back to the right size. Good as new!

Will these pull my hair?

These are made from breathable fabric that not only will never pull your hair, they mold to the shape of your wrist over time!