Wear Guide

Hooray, you've received your band! We're excited for you to put it on. Here are the instructions for our various types of bands:

Air Weave

1. Hold down the band release button on your Apple Watch.

2. Slide your current band across to remove it.

3. Slide your Air Weave band in until you hear a click.

Tip: Not clicking into place? Try flipping the band over!


Prism bands require you to use our included adjusting tool to set it up when you first receive the band, in order to size it to fit your wrist. This needs to only be done once.

If your band is missing the adjusting tool, please contact support@koolabands.com.

1. Look for arrows on the band links. Using the adjusting tool, poke into the side hole of the link you wish to remove. in the direction of the arrow.

2. Links will come apart. Do this to remove any number of links until the band length fits your wrist.

3. Insert the pins in the opposite direction of the arrow, i.e. back into the direction it came out from.

4. Use the tool to push the pin into place. And you're done!