Comfy, quality bands for less than 3 Chipotle burritos


Accessories are meant to complement your lifestyle, not get in the way. If you wear an Apple Watch a lot, especially with the silicone band, you'll know how uncomfortable it can sometimes feel.

You know what I'm talking about. The hot & sweaty wrist underneath the band, the occasional hair pulling, rubbing against your skin causing irritation, on and on and on.

We also recognize how important an accessory can be in expressing yourself. Your Apple Watch doesn't have to be just a boring watch. It could be a part of your fashion statement. With the right bands, your watch could be a fun statement piece.

With those in mind, it's exactly what our bands are made for. Ultra comfortable, fun, and expressive.


Our bands might seem similar to ones sold on Amazon or even Apple. What makes us different, other than our close watch over quality control, is our huge emphasis on the social aspect of the brand: doing good through a business, and also putting our customers first.

Every band we sell plants a tree. And to further our efforts, all of our packaging are sustainable and recyclable. This goes without saying that our materials are also procured through sustainable means.

And what would all that be for if it wasn't for you, our customers? That is why we always strive to offer top-tier support for maximum satisfaction. We back our products with a 30-day free exchange (yes, postage included) and hassle-free return policy.


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Enjoy your bands,

Josh - Koola Bands founder